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My input is to please consult a veterinary nutritionist with any homemade or raw diet. This is even more important if your pet has a medical issue, as in the case of EPI. I understand that there is a lot of distrust and hesitation about veterinarians and nutrition, but please know that a lot of us know that we can’t know everything! I’m in a nutrition course right now as a third year vet student and the visiting nutritionist is amazing. He knows a lot of stuff that hasn’t been published for one reason or another (science is like that). And these nutritionists will work with you on what you want for your pet! Unfortunately the vast majority of diets published on the internet that have been analyzed (published by both veterinarians and non-vets) are deficient in nutrients. And rechecks to see how your pet is doing on the diet and tweaking it are very important. Find a certified veterinary nutritionist here.

Awesome resource! The hesitation is because a lot of vet’s aren’t certified nutritionists but still give nutrition advice, so it’s great to have a resource for finding vet’s who are actually qualified to give nutrition advice and don’t just think they are.